Sunday, October 4, 2009

Using and installing the Normal Map filters for Photoshop

For those of you using Photoshop, click here for the link to download and install the nVidia Normal Map filter.

Once installed, you should be able to run the filter in Photoshop as needed.  Here are the basic settings that I use to get started with normal map settings.  Feel free to adjust them as needed.

You can also download the xNormal filter here -

Once you are inside of Photoshop, you will find the xNormal filter under Filter > xNormal > Height2Normals.  Here are some of my basic settings for "average" hand painted normal map stuff.  When playing with the amounts in xNormal, don't forget to keep clicking the "Update" button to see a preview of your changes.


  1. HEY HOW do i get the xNormal filter.
    i meant the link does not takes me to xNormal filter downloads or something

  2. The link takes you directly to the xNormal download page....

    "You can download the xNormal filter here -"